Media Release
Wednesday April 21st 2010


Tasmanian gay activists have called on Tasmania’s new Labor-Green Government to make a state Human Rights Charter a top priority.

The call comes in the wake of a statement by Federal Attorney- General, Robert McClelland, in which he ruled out a federal human rights charter.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome,  said,

“Both government parties gave firm, unqualified election commitments to a state Human Rights Charter, and they have on their desk an excellent model for such a Charter from the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute”.

“With the Rudd Government backing away from this important reform, the   Tasmanian Government has no more excuses for inaction and must make this issue a top priority.”

Mr Croome said a Human Rights Charter will benefit all Tasmanians by enshrining basic rights such as legal equality, privacy and free speech.

The Labor and Green Parties’ election commitments to a state Human   Rights Charter can be found at the following website,