“Premier Nathan Rees’ response to the vigilante actions in Ryde against Ray (Dennis) Ferguson leaves him looking like a political lightweight with no principles. Cancelling the lease on his home is an abuse of power of the worst sort. To offer him instead a room outside Long Bay Prison controlled by the Department of Corrective Services as Mr Ferguson’s “right to alternative housing” under his new Act is another outrage” said Justice Action spokesperson Brett Collins.

“Justice Action has consulted with Mr Ferguson, numerous individuals and community organisations around Australia and internationally and has put a proposal to Government this morning on Mr Ferguson’s behalf. This is an opportunity to properly deal with housing Mr Ferguson and sex offending generally in our community. We call upon Premier Rees to accept the offer by Mr Ferguson to not return to Ryde whilst an independent Inquiry into sex offending policy occurs” said Ms Barbara Biggs, child protection campaigner.  The proposal is downloadable from the Justice Action homepage http://www.justiceaction.org.au/

“Mr Ferguson has asked for a meeting with members of Parliament today before they consider the Bill which is designed to evict him from his home. He wants them to recognise him as a disabled blind pensioner from birth, a citizen with rights who has been vilified for twenty-two years, and recently suffered public death threats including a coffin on his doorstep. He wants to tell them he has dealt with his guilt and wants to get on with his life with their support. He is still awaiting their responses” said Mr Collins.