<strong>This is static Barty … watch the proper Animated Barty, and more words: HERE

The election in post-economic meltdown Tasmania means a run-off between two rival employment agencies in souped-up rustbuckets. It’s a top fuel elimination shoot-out. In an ethanol-powered ‘72 Monaro with no engine management system and some dodgy aftermarket parts we have ‘Barty’. Barty beavers away reforming stuff his Labor party have already stuffed-up. With no coherent policy on anything, Barty is big on promising the holy grail of Tasmanian politics, a ‘job’. A ‘job’ has been elevated to such dizzying heights in the Labor firmament, that what you actually do, and who you do it for is completely irrelevant. Barty faces-off against ‘Hodgman’.

Hodgman pilots a stripped-down ‘71 Falcon GT running rare leaded premium, with most of the spanner work done by his dad.

Like Barty, Hodgman’s Liberals have no coherent policy on anything other than not getting as out of shape as often as Barty. They also want to add an extra couple of racing lanes down the middle of the Tasmanian subcontinent. Both teams simultaneously support and oppose globalisation, and both believe in, yet at the same time deny, climate change. It sure looks like a tight contest. Just whose bunch of cobbled-together promises covers the 1/4 mile in the best time gets to stuff-up Tasmania for the next four years. One of the fluky side-effects of having two parties with no idea running Tasmania, is that all the really important issues are decided by other countries.

Japan has graciously chosen to spare the world’s densest carbon storing forests from becoming Gunns wood chips, in spite of raucous protestations from the current land-clearing regime. A woodchip delegation claimed that carbon asphyxiation is inevitable, and at least it was providing ‘jobs’. Luckily for life on earth Japan chose to ignore them. Yes, there is one other contender, The Greens. I guess their message is ‘productivity lies within’, or at least in that patch of healthy soil out the back where you can grow stuff that tastes better than from the supermarket. They modestly offer to do things better than the two ‘major parties’. They also have a vision and a world view. Just in case you need one.
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