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First published Feb 7

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, above, gave the following speech in the Parliament today …

Deputy Speaker, as Tasmania prepares to vote to remove poker machines from hotels and clubs, it’s disgusting to see the blatant lies the poker machine industry’s peddling.

For instance the lie jobs will be lost.

The lie these are lovable little businesses.

The lie people will switch to online gambling.

The lie the State relies on the tax revenue from poker machines.

And the lie that gambling addiction isn’t a problem.

“The fact is, Deputy Speaker, $1m on gambling creates about three jobs, but on drinks and food up to 20.

The fact is poker machines are big business raking in millions of dollars a year, like at the Elwick Hotel in my electorate where each machine harvests nearly $150,000 annually.

The fact is experience elsewhere proves that poker machine addicts don’t switch to online gambling when access to the machines is restricted.

The fact is gambling addiction costs Tasmania about three times the poker machine tax collected.

And the fact is gambling addiction in the State is going up, not down.

Deputy Speaker this is an industry that preys on vulnerable people and is built on lies.

It’s all bad and the worst offenders are the big poker machine barons like Federal Group and Woolworths.

They should be ashamed of themselves and this election is a chance for Tasmania to put them in their place.

*Andrew Wilkie is the Independent Member for Denison in the House of Representatives

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