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To Tasmanian Times readers - particularly those in Canberra, but perhaps also those involved in politics in Tasmania.

As I see it there seems a limited number of possibilities for Tasmania’s fox farce. David Llewellyn as Minister responsible in the period 1998 to March 2002 (but particularly in May-June 2001) was either genuinely deceived & convinced by the Department officials that briefed him on the alleged fox plot [see Mr Rist’s recent comment above] OR, as a worse case scenario, this Minister intentionally decided to accept this flimsy, sensational storyline and perpetuate it.

Once the sensationalism of free-range foxes was being openly uttered by the senior, multi-capped Minister (both Police and Primary Industry, Water & Environment), and EVEN after his own Police Department told him that the substance of the briefing he had received from DPIWE officers was worthless, ‘unsubstantiated’ hearsay, David Llewellyn was still prepared to go public with the same storyline as late as June 2002 [see Mr Rist’s recent comment above].

Why did this Minister continue to perpetuate an unsubstantiated, baseless storyline?

And why, when each AND EVERY successive fox incident involving the recovery of ‘hard evidence’ was questioned and shown to involve fabrication, false reporting and/or fradulent deception did the Minister continue to appropriate vast amounts of public funds from both Tasmanian public revenues and the Commonwealth for this activity?

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