Image for We must attempt the impossible

“I am convinced that if we continue to follow a social model that is entirely conditioned by money and power, and that takes so little account of true values such as love and altruism, future generations may have to face far worse problems and endure even more terrible forms of suffering….

“Each one of us lacks one thing or another. I am not exactly sure what we lack, but I can feel we lack something.” 

“In the West, even if at the moment you are going through a crisis, you actually have everything, or at least you think you do; all kinds of material goods are there, and are no doubt distributed better than they were in the past.”

“But it seems to me that you are living in a constant state of tension, in an atmosphere of never-ending competitiveness and fear.

“And those who are brought up in such an atmosphere will find themselves lacking all their lives: they will not know that wonderful quality of depth and intimacy that is the richness of life. They will stay on the surface of the troubled sea, without ever knowing the calm that lies beneath.”.................. 

from Little Book of Inner Peace: The Essential Life and Teachings by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama