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This comment by John Alford was first made on this thread: HERE: #18 Yes, approximately 1.3% (based in the figure of 6,500 attendees) of the entire population of Tasmania attended this one event at Royal Park on Saturday.  This is most definitely statistically significant, considering that the mainstream media did not provide even a fraction of the media coverage for this event given to, for instance, the build-up to a Hawthorn football match at York Park.  This figure would equate to (conservatively) around 50,000 turning up to a rally in Melbourne.  I don’t think we have had a single rally of proportionate size in Australia protesting against a government policy since the anti-Iraq war demonstrations in Melbourne and other capital cities.

And, of course, do not forget the 15,000 who marched and completely surrounded the Hobart CBD at the height of the pulp mill frenzy several years ago. Nothing really to compare this with on a proportionate basis anywhere in Australia in recent years that I am aware of.


The transcript of Bob McMahon’s speech: HERE

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