Dramatic? You bet.

Inevitable? Not yet.

The growing protest against the mill began with a few score of apprehensive valley dwellers a bit over a year ago. Our numbers are now a few thousand and growing.

We are the people of TAP: Tasmanians Against the Pulp Mill.

Give us any name you want, BUT … We are not simple tree huggers. We are not mindless greenies. We are not ignorant cave dwellers.

We are YOU.

We love our island and its comfortable mountains; our nearly empty beaches; our unique wildlife and our lifestyle, all of which are the envy of much of the world.

We of TAP and the thousands who are marching with us will not let our island be taken away by one giant company which incorporates greed on a grand scale.

The water is ours; NOT theirs. The air belongs to US; not THEM. The land is the PEOPLE’S; not a faceless corporation’s.

We are angry and WE WILL BE HEARD!

Our island heritage belongs to everyone, but it is being sold to the highest bidder. The same highest bidder appears to be in concert with political parties and interests which are hell-bent for one of two things, re-election or profits.

To ensure that Tasmania is not sold for a bowl of soup, we here announce the Voters’ Block. You will hear much from us.




Let me tell you what we are doing:

• We have canvassed, or are in the process of canvassing, local, state and federal politicians to give them an opportunity to express themselves about the pulp mill.
• We are gathering as many citizens as we can into a Voters’ Block in opposition to the pulp mill.
• These citizens will together vote AGAINST any sitting member of all levels of government who support the mill.

•  We will also contact candidates for the 2007 elections. If they are for the mill we thousands will vote AGAINST them.

We have begun a serious, far-reaching educational programme to explain our many positions about water, air, health and the environment of the Valley. These papers will be accurate and scientific. Unlike our detractors, no-one will make any profit from this campaign.

If you are interested in receiving free information from the Voters’ Block please respond to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Our support is solely from members of TAP and interested individuals. Unlike the pulp mill proponents, we receive no government assistance.

Buck and Joan Emberg are Co-chair of:

Voters’ Block

TAP 2007 .


Buck Emberg,  Joan Dehle Emberg

“If we let them get away with it we can only blame ourselves!”

I speak of the environmental tragedy that is looming in the Tamar Valley. I speak of the catastrophe menacing every person in Tasmania. I speak of the industrial cesspool about to be released in the Tamar River Estuary.

I speak of the Pulp Mill.