Image for Unofficial Dark Mofo fringe event to protest forestry firestorms

*Pic: Matthew Newton,


Bob Brown Foundation will launch an event at Hobart’s Waterside Pavilion this evening. INCENDIARY features projected art and sounds on the burning of Tasmania’s forests, with images by Hobart photographer Matthew Newton and digital projection art by Melbourne artist Andy Thomas.

‘We are here to expose the Tasmanian government’s hazardous and destructive practices of logging and burning one of the island’s most unique assets, its wild and scenic beauty. Our unofficial Dark Mofo event will bring images of the forestry firestorms to the city in protest at the ongoing loss to Tasmania from the logging and incineration of its magnificent forests,’ Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager for Bob Brown Foundation said.

‘In 2017 alone Forestry Tasmania burnt more than 3500 hectares of Tasmanian forests after logging, releasing 2.4 million tonnes of C02 into Earth’s atmosphere,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘Every Autumn, Forestry Tasmania burns whatever’s left after industrial logging has destroyed vast tracts of our island’s magnificent forests. These firestorms are an outdated tool used to engineer the forest, killing off the rainforest species and wildlife habitat that make Tasmania’s native forests so unique,’ Jenny Weber said.

INCENDIARY showcases images by Tasmanian photographer and cinematographer Matthew Newton and 3D digital art projections by Melbourne artist Andy Thomas.

Over the last two decades Melbourne artist Andy Thomas has developed an iconic visual language that is uniquely his own. Using a combination of digital technology and water colours, Thomas’ work is a symbolic representation of nature’s collision with technology. Thomas fuses together images of flora and fauna into evolved abstract forms. Intricately layered compositions of plants and animals make a strong statement of technology’s impact on planet earth.

Matthew Newton is a photographer / cinematographer based in Hobart. He has shot numerous documentaries that have been broadcast nationally as well as feature documentaries for festival release. His photographic work is regularly chosen amongst the countries best and exhibited in the nation’s premier photographic art prizes, including a finalist in the National Portrait Prize. He has been recognised for his work documenting the struggle for Tasmania’s forests over the last decade, as a finalist in the Australian of the Year awards and the Walkley awards for journalism.

INCENDIARY opens at the Waterside Pavilion on Wednesday 7 June at 5 pm. INCENDIARY runs each night from 5-10 pm, 7-12 June.