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I have been reading the correspondence in Tasmanian Times on the subject of Tas Ports and Mr Rolley (HERE) and this has brought into focus the criminal cost of dealing with shipments in and out of Tasmania from the Mainland. 


I am attaching the Bill of Lading (above) for my 20 foot container from Edinburgh to the UK port of Grangemouth and on to Sydney for purposes of an exhibition to be held at the Swifts in Sydney in November for a total cost of $2771. 

I have received a quote (below) from Toll Shipping for my container from Chudleigh to Moss Vale (1 1/2 hours North of central Sydney) of $3950 plus the fuel surcharge plus the GST.  The fuel surcharge from England, included in the above bill, is approximately $640.  It will be interesting to see how much it is to cross Bass Strait.


Tas Ports is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Government of Tasmania and as such is another over-expensive, subsidised, over-manned, under-utilised, unprofitable and useless Tasmanian Government Enterprise.

There is something wrong here, if not there is no future for any Tasmanian business reliant on sales shipped out in containers using the facilities provided by Tas Ports.

Minister Green, I may not be in the logging or clear felling of timber business but due to efforts of your Government Business Enterprise I am much in need of a subsidy.

How do I apply?