Lindsay Tuffin

Tasmania needs a commission of inquiry into the relationship between the Tasmanian forest industry and the Tasmanian Government. But not David Bartlett’s ethical body with its line in the sand drawn over the past. Such is the deep distrust of Tasmanians that nothing less than a full inquiry with sweeping powers to examine the past dealings between Bacon/Lennon Labor, the forestry industry generally — and specifically favoured client Gunns Ltd — will restore faith in ethical governance. Premier Bartlett asserts that the Tasmanian police and Ombudsman are independent and sufficient to see justice done. He asserts there is no need for retrospective   powers. He appears even to believe that in his 100 days of power  faith in his government has been restored.

This is ridiculous. He is wrong. There are too many questions; too many doubts; too much cynicism.

Tasmanians can have no faith in Premier Bartlett’s own words — “Everywhere I have been, I have heard Tasmanians say to me, ‘David, we are trusting you to clean up this mess’. And that is what I am going to do. Step by step, piece by piece, this new Government in government will (put) mechanisms in place to ensure that Tasmanians can have absolute faith in their democracy and in all the mechanisms around their democracy.” — unless he announces an unfettered retrospective examination of a murky decade of Labor rule (and Liberal lockstep).

Demand it, if you want it. If you don’t, comment in support of Premier Bartlett’s stance.

Write to the Premier, now: Here

And write to all MPs, Labor and Liberal, state and federal.

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