People are flooding over the Moei River into Thailand from Burma to become stateless no-ones.

At best there are only 6000.

They don’t make the news.

Driving north from the border-town of Mae Sot you find clusters of people spread out along the river banks, living under tarpaulins.

The sound of 120mm shells echoes in their ears as they huddle against the relentless rains of this wet season.

And they are simply grateful for having made it away from their home country, a country in which their own government is attacking them with conscripted, dislocated forces.

This is Burma’s ruling military dictatorship, the State Peace and Development Council’s preparation for the 2010 elections.

Via that election they hope to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the ‘international community’.

The preparation of a constitution upon which this new election is to be based was a corrupted affair and enshrines the military as the supreme power.

This latest offensive that drove thousands of people across the border into a neighbouring country began at the capital of Karen State, Pa-an.

From there they ran for their lives, not even stopping at Internally Displaced Peoples camps along the border.

As he drove north to hand out money at orphanages that have tripled in size in the past two weeks, Colonel Nerdah Mya said this latest offensive was aimed at wiping out the Karen National Union, which has been a thorn in the side of the junta for 60 years.

Eliminating political opposition is one of the keys to this election.

They must force their detractors into submission.

So the SPDC have put their military forces to work.

Who may suffer is inconsequential.

DANIEL PEDERSEN, Mae Sariang, Thailand

A human disaster is occurring on the Thai-Burma border and the world doesn’t seem to care.