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In 2006 Minister for Foxes, David Llewellyn called me into his Ministerial suite in the Franklin Square Buildings.

He wanted me to withdraw the Fox Reward I had just announced: On TT, HERE.

In the course of the meeting Mr Llewellyn asked me what I thought of the idea of bringing in live foxes; perhaps desexed foxes could be radio-collared and help track down the real Tasmanian foxes that, according to Mr Llewellyn, had been released by the eco-vandals between 1999 to 2001.

In today’s Saturday Mercury [Page 1] (linked on TT, HERE) the now General Manager of the Resource Management and Conservation in DPIPWE, Mr Alistair Scott is reported to have said that no live foxes had been brought into Tasmania by the Fox Eradication Program LAST YEAR;  although the idea had been on the Government’s agenda, and any imported foxes would have been sterilised so they could not breed in the wild.

The question to now ask is: were live foxes ever imported by DPIPWE?

Which brings me to the fox that wasn’t run over on Glen Esk road on 1 August 2006.

Mysteriously this fox’s intact testicles managed to find themselves outside the body of this allegedly road-killed fox. How could this be?

Did the testicles actually belong to that fox or had he somehow acquired the pair as a parting tribute in death?

In 2009 an official from the Government fox program fronted a Parliamentary Committee and stated that this fox wasn’t killed on Glen Esk road as DPIPWE had vehemently claimed on 3 August 2006 ... it was found by another unnamed person - a property owner - at Epping Forest (some 12 kilometres away) who moved the dead fox to the Glen Esk Road site.

How could this be?

A truly fantastic Mr Fox who seems to get moved after death and to lose - or was it acquire - its testicles ... just in the nick of time.

The musings of a pathologist: Where, oh! where, and how, oh! how could such a strange eunuchoid beast materialise from?