Image for The Naked Emperors

Tasmania’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Mr Rod Andrewartha said; “The research and detector dog training by the Fox Eradication Program (FEP) has been carried out with good biosecurity practices and has not compromised Tasmania’s freedom from hydatid disease”.

Currently DPIPWE is requesting wallaby shooters to submit any unusual liver or lung samples containing cysts to discount hydatid disease in our wildlife. If found in Tasmanian wildlife, it would be a first for Tasmania.

A source of such ‘sylvatic hydatids’ could be infected foxes or fox scats from the mainland containing viable hydatid eggs.

I partly sympathise with Tas CVO Mr Andrewartha being under the constant watchful eye of the former General Manager for Biosecurity and Product Integrity. ‘Vetting the vet’, I think it’s called! The FOI documents clearly showed that FEP & DPIPWE had acted contrary to their own statue by importing prohibited animal products - namely mainland fox faeces likely to contain hydatid eggs. The naked emperor marched off to the regal EPA!

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