Image for The Liberals Plan to Flog off Taroona’s School Bushland



Flogging off more of the family silver to developers!

With no community engagement, The Liberal government has submitted a subdivision proposal to Kingborough Council for the residential development of a 9 lot land parcel within the Taroona School bushland precinct.

This is public land used by the Taroona community for recreation, and as an outdoor classroom and educational resource for the students of Taroona Primary and High Schools.

The community has used this area as a public reserve for many decades since the school’s development.

This diverse open-woodland area provides important habitat for native flora and fauna, including foraging ground for the endangered swift parrot. The area also provides recreational and open-space connection to the Derwent River foreshore.

This development subdivision is based on revenue, mostly likely to be sold to a single developer already in the wind for some prime land access.

Note how Lot 9 is continuous to the coastline, thus isolating the remaining bushland from the adjacent school ground with no allocated legal right of way.

The development application was declared in public notices posted recently on the land and in Mercury newspaper sometime before 2016.

This possibly means that the application is not subject to the new planning scheme criteria.

Written submissions to the Kingborough Council must be lodged by December 9th

*Ted Mead has been an intermittent resident of Taroona for over a decade. Ted claims one of the greatest aspects of the suburb is the native bushland, particularly the grand coastal Blue Gums that provide a welcome refuge for both humans and wildlife.

• Phillip Lowe (UK) in Comments: I remember this land around the Taroona School and a very nice place it is to walk. It does seem sad to contemplate residential housing on this community social space. What is even sadder is the picture that your commentating readers paint of Tasmanian politicians and establishment authority in general. What kind of confidence would this give to anybody who was thinking of moving to Tasmania?

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