Image for The Human Microwave – Will We Get One?

*Pic: A high-powered military-built microwave protester-deterring vehicle

With more Forestry protests on the horizon, the Tasmanian Liberal government must be getting desperate to control dissidents, and now that their 2014 anti-protest protection law seems to have become impotent, the solution to keep those pesky Greenies under control may not be too far away.

At the cost of around $400,000 Tasmanians have already acquired the Bear Cat armoured vehicle for use in a siege scenario, so another crowd controlling acquisition could well be on the white-board in the Liberals forthcoming budget assessment.

It is seemingly possible that the former MLC Paul Harriss may have given the Liberals an ultimatum to purchase one of these so he can suppress the radical green sector.

Fortunately for many it seems the former MLC didn’t get his way, and the rest is history.

Both America and China have developed this technology. This non-lethal ray gun, when targeted, makes humans feel like their skin is on fire. Using a similar principle to a microwave oven it incites movement in the fat and water molecules located just below the skin surface, making the target feel like they are burning from the inside. As soon as the target steps away from the ray, the pain ceases, purportedly leaving no damage to nerve endings and blood vessels, which are located deeper below the epidermis.

Although touted by the US military as a more humane means of crowd control than the traditional rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons, the radical weapon has failed to gain acceptance in America:

China is rumoured to be developing a more powerful version of the gun. The upgraded version could be mounted on ships, which could allow China to escalate its use of non-lethal confrontation to enforce its maritime claims in the East China and South China seas.

Back in Tasmania, such a protest-deterring device could be used on crowds of demonstrators, though it would probably be ineffective if used in a forest where the rays may be filtered and can’t penetrate directly.

*Ted Mead constantly ponders what the next action for the Tasmanian State Government will be to suppress environmental activism. He also doesn’t believe under any definition to the Liberals claim they were voted into governance with a mandate on sustaining forestry, and that forestry in Tasmania is the keystone to the state’s economic future.