We are recruiting crew for the campaign and if you’re over 18 and keen to defend the environment apply now as the ship leaves soon.

Our obstacles are immense. The motivation to destroy life in our oceans is fueled by material greed. It is easy to recruit crew for money, however, we need to recruit a crew motivated by a passionate compassion.

We need people who burn inside with a rage against the injustices perpetrated upon whales, dolphins, seals, sea turtles, sea birds, fish, and every living thing in the world’s oceans.      We need such people on our ship and in the ranks of our supporters. All marine wildlife and the ecosystems in which they live are worth fighting for. We need your help in this endeavor.

To apply go to:

typingisnotactivism: Sea Shepherd in Antarctica

Jon Sumby

Sea Shepherd is looking for dedicated individuals to crew aboard our ocean-going ships.          The Robert Hunter is in Tasmania preparing to head south to challenge the Japanese whalers this December.