…  “Field’s white haired boy - DB - is on the move and staked his claim.

“Silly boy. The Left will nobble him quick smart.”

And DT  wasn’t the only one to scoff at The Rise and Rise of Mr Bartlett.

An even more cynical friend observed - rather cruelly I thought - that a stake through the heart would be the only way to remove the Great Leader. That the Bartlett speculation was fundamentally a Stalin-era-type power-play in which the Great Leader was simply enjoying the spectacle of potential rivals crashing and burning.

Oh, C’mon guys he’s just a big, soft cuddly teddy bear at heart with a brain the size of Einstein. Isn’t he?

For the record, moi stands by my addled contention - and Sue Neales far more sensible one ( The Rise and Rise of Mr Bartlett ) - that he aint far from the big exit: Lennon, Exit Stage Right


So, the deckchairs have been shifted …( Wriedt wins in Cabinet reshuffle ) and the Big Loser seems to be David Bartlett. My occasional carousing companion Deeper Throat   predicted this a couple of weeks ago when we hung on a quick Green Fairy absinthe session.

His half-remembered words went something like …