At the Association’s AGM on October 3rd,  I asked Mr Edwards if the rumour was true that he was leaving town. He said it was not true. Some days after the bitterly contested election, when many in the community were disenfranchised by the Bruvvers and there were calls for a fresh election, Mr Edwards told ABC Local Radio that he was president and intended to continue to be president.

Once could be forgiven for thinking that Mr Edwards has been less than truthful.

So why did he do it?

Firstly, with many people declared ineligible to vote by returning officer Kevin Bonham. Mr Edwards, the incumbent,  resoundingly defeated   former Labor Senator Margaret Reynolds, who the Bruvvers and their handmaidens (both male and female) thought might not be as biddable as him.

Secondly, Ken Hosking was elected senior vice president, with Paddy Turnbull junior vice president. Mr Hosking is vice chairman of Friends of the Foreshore, which opposes a walkway around the Battery Point shoreline and who is a co-owner of a Marine Terrace title which extends beyond the high water mark. And as he has said, he is locked in bitter battle with the Hobart City Council over compensation for acquisition of the strip of land between the tide marks.

  It would have been a bad look for the Association if Mr Hosking had been elected president. This way, Mr Hosking will step into Mr Edwards shoes as a matter of course.

  In turn, Mr Turnbull will become senior vice president. Mr Turnbull is John White’s brother-in-law and Mr White is a member of the Association’s committee and chairman of Friends of the Foreshore.

Need I say more?

Margaretta Pos

THE shameful behaviour of the Exclusive Bruvvers of Battery Point continues into the New Year. Despite protestations to the contrary, David Edwards, president of the Battery Point Sullivans Cove Community Association, left Hobart on New Year’s Day to live in Sydney.