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Alongside the headline in today’s Australian of 23 March 2011 “Make mill deal or lose” (HERE)  there is a photograph of Gunns CEO, L’Estrange, with the ex union boss Kelty (below).

In his accompanying article Matthew Denholm states that Kelty has warned “Green groups must strike a deal on the Gunns Tamar Valley Pulp Mill or miss out on the protection of 565,000 hectares of native forests”.

Put another way Tasmanians must strike a deal to either allow Gunns to log, clearfell, chip and burn a further one million acres of Tasmanian native forest or agree to a Gunns pulp mill.

That is no choice, that is bully boy tactics by a rogue company working with a former Waterfront “Bastard Boy” to save a virtually bankrupt company.

Tasmanians will not wear it!


• Geoffrey Cousins: Mr Kelty will now have to excuse himself from these talks

Mill opponent says Kelty ‘out of line’

An opponent of Gunns’ Tamar Valley pulp mill wants the mediator of Tasmania’s forest peace talks to step down from his role.

In his first media conference since becoming mediator, Bill Kelty revealed he had spent three months talking to people involved in the industry, including potential joint venture partners for the mill.

One of the signatories to the talks and mill opponent, Vica Bayley from the Wilderness Society, is not concerned.

“He is obliged to talk to every and anybody that he sees fit,” he said.

But long time anti-pulp mill campaigner, Sydney businessman Geoffrey Cousins, says Mr Kelty is out of line.

“Mr Kelty will now have to excuse himself from these talks,” Mr Cousins said.

The Tasmanian Greens leader says the mill should be considered outside the framework of the forest peace talks.

Nick McKim says the pulp mill has no place in the talks.

“The current proposal for a pulp mill for the Tamar Valley wasn’t included in the original statement of principles and we’ve consistently argued that that particular proposal should be kept outside the process,” he said.

He says it is wrong to suggest Mr Kelty believes all signatories to the peace talks will need to support the pulp mill.

Mr Kelty expects to hand his interim report to the State Government this week.


Will Mooney

Huon Valley Environment Centre

Media Release
Huon Valley Environment Centre
Still Wild Still Threatened
23rd March 2011

Five forest activists arrested in logging shut-down

Five Tasmanian forest campaigners were arrested this afternoon after halting logging of high conservation value forests in the Peak Rivulet area.

A second group of activists in the Styx Valley avoided arrest but successfully prevented the destruction of iconic tall eucalypt forest in another high conservation value logging coupe.

Five campaigners who had attached themselves to machinery in coupe EP031B, west of Dover, were removed by Police Search and Rescue this afternoon and taken to Huonville Police Station.

“These tireless activists braved a day of cold and torrential rain to make a stand for the forests that Tasmania’s State Government has failed to protect,” spokesperson Will Mooney said.

“Grass roots environmental campaigners will continue a proactive campaign to prevent the destruction of Tasmania’s precious high conservation value forests untill a full and true moratorium is put in place,” Will Mooney said.