Image for Tasmania Police to look further into Fox Taskforce allegations

TASMANIA Police will conduct “further inquiries” into allegations of corruption in the former state government’s Fox Taskforce.

The force announced on Thursday that it had examined a 150-page police complaint which alleges the controversial government body was built on criminality.

The Fox Taskforce was created by the Labor government in 2001 to investigate rumours that Tasmania had a feral fox population.

It went on to spend about $50 million, but never found a live fox.

In February, Windermere Independent MLC and former police commander Ivan Dean submitted the complaint, which he put together with a team of experts over a 15-year period.

Until Thursday, police had been tight-lipped about their intentions.

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• Lyndall Rowley in Comments: Being fairly naive to all of the comings and goings of this fox incursion story, it seems obvious to the onlooker that something has gone terribly wrong with the processes within the system. With so much time and money spent without incontrovertible proof of foxes living (and presumably breeding and eating) in Tasmania, I’m very surprised that the feds did not seriously question the ongoing funding of this some years ago, simply on that basis alone. (I’m not entering into the actual hoax or not hoax, or any fraud or cover-up side of things). I’m going to stick my neck out and risk a flood of criticism. But if we were having a coffee and a chat, I’d like to have a conversation about these things and bounce a few ideas around. …