This at a time when Obama repeatedly has to deny he is a Muslim in order to be an acceptable candidate for the American presidency,  when Jews and Muslims kill each other in the Middle East, when   Hindus and Muslims kill each other in India, when Hindus burn   Christians in India and Muslims kill Christians in Indonesia, when   Christians and Muslims kill each other in the Balkans, when   fanatical Muslims effectively proclaim a fatwa on Western nations,  when the Chinese regime cracks down on Tibetan Buddhists, when the
Pope denies contraception to the Catholic poor of the world, when   evangelical Pentecostal churches shutdown the minds of young   Australians, when the antediluvian Jensens in the Anglican diocese   of Sydney deny women the priesthood….

I could go on.

Suffice to say, it was only sixty years ago that the Nazis, in   Germany, in the very heart of European civilization, exterminated   six million Jews (and others).  If it wasn’t for the anti-Semitism   rife in Europe - and still evident around the world today -  the   Holocaust couldn’t have happened. Or if it had, many more Jews   would have been saved before the gas ovens were fired up.

The Religion Report is not a soft sell. It deals expertly with   serious issues that affect us all, believers and non-believers.

Shame on Maurice Newman! Shame on Mark Scott!



Margaretta Pos

I AM enraged, shocked and horrified by the tunnel-vision of ABC   chairman Maurice Newman and Managing Director Mark Scott in axing   ABC Radio National’s Religion Report at the end of the year   (reported at the start of the program by Stephen Crittenden this   morning, October 15th).