Tell us about the plan for a building to be built behind the bowls club, a building that one council worker who has studied the plans says would be “10 or 15 feet higher than the bowls club”? [his words]

Is it true these plans are being shown to a select few by a Councillor?

If the old building was under utilised, why is there a need for a new bigger building?

Are these plans being fast tracked to try to make use of the infrastructure money being offered by the federal government, money that was sure to become available to save the old building?

Is this not the very same scheme one councillor tried to push through 3 years ago when he began an accommodation business, and with his claimed hope for extra influx of business and is there not a conflict of interest? 

Who attended the private meetings between a councillor and members of the rowing club and bowls club 2 weeks ago to discuss their ‘new premises’?

Is there not in fact a lot of dissent in the bowls club about this proposal, many members simply wanting to be left alone?

Was this building just ‘in the way’ of these plans?

How does council and the mayor in particular considering what he told the Mercury justify that almost nothing - nothing - was salvaged from that building?

Why was there a Police presence there that morning? Who asked for it and who paid for it?

Why was this work undertaken at 6.00am, trucks arriving around 5.00 am according to campers. Isn’t this well outside council regulations for this type of work? 

Was this work undertaken so early in the morning and the building so comprehensively trashed so that no one had time to see there was actually nothing much wrong with the structure?

Are they aware the photographs of the building as it was being demolished show no signs of decay or rot in any of the timber and that the building simply refused to fall over, it was that sturdy?

Why was this done with almost zero consultation and with the knowledge that residents had fought successfully to keep the building 3 years ago? Did that alone not inform them they should consult with the community about this?

Has anyone seen evidence that part of the roof actually came off? There is some doubt it actually happened. It is suggested a flap came loose and was later tied back down.

Did not many other buildings in the valley lose roofing on that very windy day.? Does council intend pulling all of them down as well?

Councillor Liz Smith was the only dissenting voter at that council meeting. Why did her Green Party colleague Tony Richardson vote against her, why exactly did he not support this conservation issue?

If council does intend to buy the rowing club building and land as reported, does it have future plans for the entire area especially since the Evaporators is closing down?

How does council equate its behaviour this week with its claims of transparency and community consultation? There was almost no consultation and council was well aware there was a petition and a groundswell of opposition to its plans - yet went ahead and very hastily destroyed this building. How does it explain this?

Bob Hawkins’ revelation on Monday on Tasmanian Times of the Huon Valley’s action led to several media outlets taking interest, with features in Tasmanian Country and upcoming Sunday Tasmanian …

Following the Outrage at Franklin Huon Valley Council must answer these questions:

How did council arrive at a figure of $300,000 to repair the building when independent assessment had it more like $80,000 maximum. You can do a hell of a lot with $300,000!