Image for Purple Ribbon takes message to White Ribbon Australia

Last Friday 25th November the White Ribbon Walk in Hobart had some input from people wanting to raise awareness about the broader issues concerning violence to women.

For the first time Nordic Model Australia Coalition was represented in the walk and our message on banners about violence to women in the global sex industry received a lot of attention, interest and generated some lively discussions especially among secondary school students.

White Ribbon Australia is coming under increasing criticism from many in the feminist and anti violence movements for limiting their campaign to violence in the family. These criticisms are coming from feminists and pro feminist men who think that the normalisation of violence to women starts with the mass media but particularly pornography and the global sex trade.

If White Ribbon Australia want to be taken seriously then they will need to address some of the primary causes of violence to women and to do this the issue of the commodification of women’s bodies, mostly disadvantaged women,  for use by privileged men - will need to be confronted head on.

ABC: White Ribbon Day: Top cop praises youth for joining Hobart’s march against domestic violence

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