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Jane Green of Vixen, a pro sextrade group in Australia, has launched an online campaign to discredit the voices of prostitution Survivors due to speak of their experiences at the Oldest Oppression Conference in Melbourne next weekend. 

In her recent blog, Jane Green is ramping up the campaign with calls for sex trade apologists to lobby the Chancellor and the Ombudsman at RMIT in an attempt to derail the conference from being held on RMIT premises. Some of the prostitution Survivors attending and being represented at the conference are featured in the book “Prostitution Narratives - Stories of Survival in the sex trade” which will be launched on the final day of the conference.

From Jane Green’s blog site:


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Join the Online Protest! – “World’s Oldest Oppression” Conference
Posted on April 1, 2016 by Jane Green Standard

On the 9th and 10th of April 2016 an anti sex work conference called the “World’s Oldest Oppression” is being held in Melbourne, Australia.  Hosted by RMIT University, and billed as a “2 Day Anti Sex Trade Conference” for a “World Free of Sex Trade Abuse”.

The conference brings together anti sex work figures such as Julie Bindel, Rachel Moran, Dr Caroline Norma, Melinda Tankard Reist and others.

Despite the fact that sex workers, sex worker’s representative organisations around the world, human rights organisations and allies all call for the full decriminalisation of sex work for sex workers’ health and safety – anti sex work groups (such as those represented at this conference) continue to call for either partial or complete criminalisation of our work, and attempt to silence our voices.

Join sex workers in protesting!

**Thinking of joining the online campaign?  Do you have an anonymous Twitter/Facebook/Email account?  Please consider your safety/anonymity in your protest activities**

Write to RMIT:

You can write to RMIT to express concerns about the Conference to the University Chancellor, Ziggy Switkowski at:
Email – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
& Email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) as well

Take action online:

RMIT is on both Twitter and FaceBook
• Take action on Twitter using the hashtags #RMIT2016 and #sexwork
Include the Twitter handle @RMIT to Tweet directly at RMIT
• Take action on RMIT’s FaceBook Page here:

Promote the online protest!
• Talk to other people you know that support sex worker rights and encourage them to participate
• Spread the word on social media – Twitter, Facebook, everywhere – let people know to join the online protest
• Post the ‘Join In Online Protest’ flyer in your workplace

Will there be action/protest happening in Melbourne during the conference?

This is yet to be decided – watch the social media spaces of Vixen Collective to be kept up to date:

Twitter: @VixenCollective


Looking for info when arguing with anti’s or debunking their arguments?  Check out ‘A Pocket Guide to Dealing With Anti’s Online’

This is not the first time that the sex trade have attempted to gag people from speaking out about violence against in women in the sex trade in Australia.  This has been reported previously on with the attempt by the Scarlet Alliance to gag Professor Sheila Jeffries from speaking at the Law School at UTAS and at a community forum:

This appalling campaign is both threatening to prostitution Survivors who have had the courage to speak out and is no different to attempting to silence the voice of Survivors of domestic violence.

• Listen to Simone Watson interview on ABC (Interview begins 1 hr 50 mins in)

Paula Orbea, Comments 3 and 4


• Simone Watson, Comments 3 and 4: I am on holiday in Tasmania with the wonderful Isla MacGregor after speaking at the public forum at Parliament House on the 1st April. I have never been here before and I was excited to begin a journey to see this very beautiful emerald isle of Tasmania.  In one day it felt like we travelled through five different countries with ever changing ecology and light which shone intermittently through dramatic clouds, mists and gentle rain. We stopped many times leaping out of the car to take photographs of stunning vistas, iridescent and golden button grass plains, gasping at fresh fungus specimens in their hundreds, seemingly emerging before our eyes, in the aftermath of rain after the long drought here.  Our shoulders relaxing after we left the controversy of the sex trade forum behind us … It was then that our mood began to change as we came across several Wicked Camper vans in the town centre and spoke with several international tourists who had hired these vehicles …