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First published October 17

The Tasmanian Auditor-General’s report on Glenorchy City Council, tabled in Parliament today, shines a fascinating spotlight on the Council.

But it raises more questions than answers.

There is now a pressing need for the Tasmanian Government to refer the Auditor-General’s report to Tasmania Police to determine whether or not there has been any criminal behaviour.

Questions that need answering include: why exactly was a contract split for “the purpose of avoiding the requirement to publicly invite tenders”? 

Did anyone profit?

What if any other improper conduct has been going on?

No wonder Kristie Johnston was elected Mayor in a landslide on a promise to clean up Glenorchy and clean out the Council.

It’s now more important than ever that the Board of Inquiry report is able to be delivered to the Minister and made public.

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