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Huon Valley Mayor Peter Coad has walked out of this week’s closed council meeting (30 March), called to discuss the findings of the recent Board of Inquiry and the council’s response.

It’s his second walkout in eight days, after he also walked out of the closed council meeting on 22 March, which was also meant to discuss the council’s response to the BOI findings.

Both closed meetings ended with the Mayor’s departure.

Cr Coad’s behaviour raises serious questions about his support for the Board of Inquiry, which he called for and then welcomed just six months ago. It also underlines his apparent inability to work with all councillors to resolve issues, an ongoing theme of the mayor’s term in office so far.

Huon Valley councillors will meet again next week to yet again attempt to consider the BOI findings and the council’s response. 

The Mercury, Blair Richards, 9 September 2015

Mayor Backs Council Inquiry

Mayor Peter Coad welcomed the inquiry and said the community deserved better.

“There are no personality issues here, it’s about how the council is governed, because everyone’s view on governance is quite different,” Cr Coad said.

“I’ve been a strong advocate of local government reform and my council hasn’t had the same view that I’ve expressed in that regard.

“We’ve reached a stage where it could be quite dysfunctional and as Mayor I fully support the minister’s efforts to sort those issues out.

“I’ll be working hard with my fellow councillors to resolve this matter.”

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