PERHAPS OTHER CORRESPONDENTS to Tasmanian Times have mused about the value and contribution of writing articles for this electronic free-to-air news & current affairs e-journal; I resist using the pejorative ‘blog’ or to repeat the descriptor used by our current Premier. 

For me the interesting aspect of using this medium of communication has been to understand the consequences of putting out there in the public gaze matters, issues, facts and observations that don’t or rarely get coverage in the three regional tabloids — The Mercury, The Examiner and The Advocate.

Most readers would realise that this website — despite the contempt and disregard that it is held by some members of the current Government & its bureaucracy — has a strong audience of readers that includes the Ministerial minders, policy bureaucrats,  Government Media Office staff, journos in the mainstream media, (both here and nationally), Opposition members of Parliament and their staff, business houses, NGOs, and a wide cross-section of rank-&-file public servants, unionists, ordinary workers and citizens.

For that very reason, the information placed is so valuable. It is totally open, out-there, free and available to be read, assessed, responded to, criticised, dialogued, used to inform and hopefully let some ‘cats out of their bags’!

The other day, a loyal friend asked me whether I was becoming a ‘Crusty Curmudgeon’ — what a beautiful term it is too!

I thought a while and then, as I am want to do, I asked him how he described a CM; it takes one to know one you see! As it turned out, it was offered as a humorous compliment to any being who is a loyal sceptic, an unswerving enquirer, a dogged questioner and a logistical thinker. Without knowing it, for all those years, he told me I was one! Gosh!

Before I finish to allow other CMs to respond and blather on, I want to thank all of the Tasmanian Times correspondents for their free-to-air offerings and insightful articles.

Rest assured that although your contributions may not be shared or valued by all nor responded to, they do have an impact more than is realised. Sometimes pearls of clear thinking or logic; exposes of fact or truth, new revelations, yes, even great ideas do become appropriated without you ever knowing.

Some correspondents’ literary aim is so very precise and well struck, others offer glancing but telling blow. Rest assured that whether you article hits TassieTimes without a murmur of reply or opens an avalanche of vitriol and spleen, you are being true to the scared Order of the Crusty Curmudgeon [OCM] — please feel honoured to place it behind your name as a formal title.

Please DO NOT expect to be honoured, paid or remunerated in any other way than this … life is far to short and is to be lived in the presence of danger and vice.

So to all of you, fellow CMs out there [OCM optional] — enjoy your new title, use it with honour and keep trying to make a difference!