Are the battlers and the working families one and the same? Just identified differently for political purposes?

‘Battlers’ is redolent with nostalgia, harking back to Banjo Patterson and C.J. Dennis, and a time gone by transposed into a modern era. There are the bush battlers, but more importantly, the city battlers who Howard relies on for support.

Rudd’s ‘working families’ line is not a push for a more egalitarian society.  It is a move to drop the notion of a working class, to merge everyone into conservative, middle Australian society, a move away from anything that might scare the horses.

Anyone else noticed?

Margaretta Pos

Class has dropped out of Australian political rhetoric.  I don’t mean class as style, although that is open to question. I mean traditional, socio-economic definition. John Howard has his battlers, Kevin Rudd has his working families.