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Today: KEEPING OUR BORDERS SAFE: Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has confirmed that a British queue jumper will be the first inmate at the new Brighton detention centre. 96 year old Gladys Jefferson, having outstayed her visitors’ visa, will be joined at the new camp by around 600 Afgan, Indonesian and Sudanese asylum seekers. Mr Bowen said Mrs Jefferson’s age was a factor in the decision. ``Clearly she’s too old and frail to deport, but given she’s British, the expected riots in the detention centre should make her feel right at home.’‘



PREMIER Lara Giddings has blamed a typographical error in the State Budget papers for the failure of a $12 million conservation initiative on remote Macquarie Island. A team of 42 immigration officials, sociologists and Federal Police yesterday returned from the island empty-handed, after spending a month on the southern outpost as part of the Government’s Rabbi eradication program. Full report tomorrow.