Forests Now Tasmania
The Logging Industries Advocacy Service is a science based media outlet dedicated to working at the same World Class standard as forestry, working on behalf of loggers and others committed to getting the most out of Tasmanian forests and taxpayers.

Caption contest:  enlightening picture from someone calling themselves “Concerned” who also wrote, in handwriting on the back of the picture, ‘Dunno who took this here, but it looks like Airdie? Whaddaya reckon?”

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The Thought Police Gazette
We help all citizens become good citizens by showing them how to think, and as a consequence act, like good citizens. Policing thoughts is a tremendous responsibility but one that we all need to appreciate. It’s vital work in these days of global terror and Paris Hilton. People become confused easily and can stray off a correct course of action. It is here that the Thought Police does its work and it is here that the Gazette can, and will, place it’s indomitable spirit and energy. Just go into any government department and the public servants you will see there will look happy and contented. They are conforming to government policy. Those same feelings could be yours. The table below presents a few important ideas

We’ve all heard tragic stories of people who have spent years of their lives, sometimes decades, fighting the government for some abstraction like ‘Justice’ or ‘closure’ or even, ‘compensation’. What a tragic waste of a citizen’s life! All of this pain and waste could have been avoided if the citizen had done the right thing and just accepted the government’s version of things in the first place.

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