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DEPUTY Premier Bryan Green will use the Threated Species Protection Act in a last-ditch attempt to preserve Tasmania’s remaining loggers. In an adjacent move, Mr Green will push for the last stands of native habitat, including Geeveston, Smithton and Buckland to be declared nature reserves. ``Only by enacting emergency legislation can we stop these rare and strange creatures from facing extinction.’’ Mr Green said. ``By locking up traditional timber towns, the few wild loggers left will be free to mate, fight and listen to Nickleback away from the corrupting influence of modern society.’‘


EXAMINER FASHION REPORT, BY ALISON: Westpac’s record third-quarter profit was overshadowed on Friday, when the glamorous Gail Kelly swept into Launceston. Resplendent in a pale pink silk blouse, the most powerful woman in Australian banking looked perfect, from her carefully manicured nails to the tip of her pointy, but stylish nose. Personifying style and elegance, the throng of analysts didn’t grill Ms Kelly on whether shrinking deposits were putting pressure on Tier 1 capital; instead they were intent on finding the secrets to her flawless skin, how she balances being a busy mum with her role as Australia’s highest paid woman and her regime for keeping her ageing body trim. Full report tomorrow, mainly lifted from Wikipedia.

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