Image for MLC Ivan Dean claims false evidence sparked $50m fox hunt

LEGISLATIVE Councillor Ivan Dean says he has proof the state’s controversial fox hunt was based on fabricated evidence.

The Windemere MLC has long asserted Tasmania’s $50 million fox hunt was a waste of resources and was based on falsified evidence.

Mr Dean’s opinion has been backed by two independent scientific reports. One, ­released by a group of seven scientists led by fox ecologist Clive Marks, claimed it had found anomalies in the fox scat data collected by the Tasman­ian Environment Department

The MLC has said he ­intends presenting the information to the Commissioner of Police and the Integrity Commissioner today for an ­investigation into the 14-year fox eradication effort.

Mr Dean first flagged he would approach the Commissioner of Police in December.

At the time he said every piece of physical evidence ­relied on to validate the state’s fox eradication effort could be shown to be fake.

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