When Mr Cousins began his campaign last week to stop the Government speeding up approval for the controversial $2 billion mill, he cited as inspiration an article in the May edition of the Monthly magazine, by Tasmanian author Richard Flanagan. The 8500-word article, Out of Control: The Tragedy of Tasmania’s Forests, is an assessment of the destruction of old-growth forests and the influence of the logging company and builder of the proposed mill, Gunns, on the state Government. The article has been reprinted 55,000 times as a full-colour 12-page book and volunteers will deliver them throughout Wentworth and Kingsford Smith, the electorates of Mr Turnbull and Mr Garrett. A spokesman for the campaign was unsure yesterday whether the booklets were printed on recycled paper.

Pulp mill fight moves into MPs’ backyards

Read the Flanagan article:
In The Monthy, HERE


The Tasmanian Greens are preparing for a possible court battle over the legality of Parliament’s assessment of the proposed pulp mill. The Greens deputy leader Nick McKim says legal advice from barrister Peter Tree shows a report by Finnish consultants Sweco Pic does not comply with the requirements of the Pulp Mill Assessment Act. The Act gives parliament the power to approve or reject the Gunns’ development.

Legal battle looms over pulp mill assessment


“Will Malcolm Turnbull insist that a proper public hearing be implemented before he decides on the building of one the world’s largest pulp mills in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley? Before he approves of fast-tracking, without due process, a pulp mill in one of the most beautiful wine growing areas of Australia? “The federal minister can insist on all voices being heard. But will he? So many questions, so far no answers.”

Aussie A-list backs Cousins’ campaign against Turnbull