When the various data sets from Drs Sarre, Berry and Triggs findings are combined there are more intriguing questions to ponder.

So far DPIW has only reported on eight fox scats that have been genotyped using microsatellite markers. So far no DNA fox-positive scat at any location, where several scats have been recovered, has been shown to have a matching genotype. So there is still no definitive confirmation that a particular fox is crapping in a particular area more than once.

Indeed the current data suggest that all the fox scats genotyped so far come from a DIFFERENT fox (n=8). Most interesting…..

Maybe a GENUINE person with a REAL name will catch or kill a fox in Tasmania and the Fox Reward phone will ring very soon.


Yes Ian [Comment #2] the data set collated from Barbara Trigg’s hair analysis on the recent DNA-fox positive scats discovered in various locations in Tasmania are important findings especially the numbers of scats with the diagnostic hairs from each of these particular mammalian species in them.