Pink everything for breast cancer.

These are inducements to think about something pleasant when the worst has happened. The intention is to ease the pain, including that of making a donation to the cause.

The method is insidious and The Chasers hit a chord when they had a go at one organisation’s saccharine response to childhood terminal illnesses.

The sketch, however, wasn’t funny.

The ABC’s The Chasers War on Everything fell victim to the belief that the first laugh guarantees the second.

It would be a pity if an uninspired effort, which co-incidentally upset many people, sees the end of a program that dared, sometimes brilliantly, to shine a light on some awkward spots.

Here’s hoping The Chasers revive their wit.

But, if they’re gone for good, no violins.


Autumn leaves and daffodils for the Port Arthur massacre.