Image for Letter to the Editor ... on Flinders Island ...


I hope that the news from Flinders Island today is embraced by all Tasmanians.

The island is now being run almost entirely by renewable energy, specifically wind and solar power, and I hope that this provides a feasible blueprint for the development of a feasible renewable energy policy by the next state government.

I hope that this news means an end to renewable energy as merely a trigger for Malcolm Turnbull’s nightmares, and that it means a way forward: for Tasmania and beyond.

I hope that our politicians are paying attention: evidence continues to mount that current energy policies, including the dangerous myth of clean coal, are harming the planet.

I hope that the next state election in Tasmania will provide an opportunity for renewal of attitudes towards energy generation and I hope that the value of such a vision will one day match the courage required to reset our current increasingly obsolete paradigm.

Of course, one can only hope.