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We’ve been inundated by escalating promises of the main players, steered by media-grabbing ploys by parties, lobbyists and chancers, and made fearful by dire poll spike predictions set fair to eviscerate a candidate or two. But there’s a whole range of important national issues and ill-considered people we haven’t heard about.

Here’s what Civil Liberties Australia is asking candidates and parties in Tasmania and nationally about on “forgotten” forgotten issues that matter to many – perhaps a majority – of Australia.

Where do you stand on these civil liberties and human rights issues?  Election 2016

Civil Liberties Australia would like to know your positions on these liberties and freedom issues, to help inform people to decide how they will vote. We don’t want the 2016 election to continue a steady erosion of fundamental rights. As the Law Reform Commission’s recent Freedoms report shows, the federal parliament is primarily responsible for Australians’ losing traditional liberties and rights over the past decade or so.

Bill of Rights: Will you legislate for a national Charter of Rights and Responsibilities in Australia?

Asylum seekers: Will you remove all children from detention, and commit to never again locking up children?  Will you restore freedom of speech to whistleblowers with experience of detention centres?

Surveillance: Will you undo data retention laws, and require warrants for accessing metadata?

Good governance: Will you provide new protections for whistleblowers revealing wrongdoing in the Public Service? Will you introduce Qui Tam (payments for fraud exposure) law into Australia, as in the US?

Law and Justice: Will you introduce “right to appeal” provisions federally, as in SA and Tasmania?  Will you create a national Criminal Cases Review Commission system, as in the UK? Will you create a federal ‘ICAC’ (a corruption commission with wide powers)?

International: Will you ensure all jurisdictions fully abide by the Convention against Torture (OPCAT, which Australia has signed), providing for regular external, independent inspection of all jails and detention centres?

Euthanasia: Will you change federal law so people can choose to die, assisted if needed, with dignity?  Will you restore full decision-making rights to the ACT and NT Parliaments?

Equal rights/discrimination: Will you change the Marriage Act so same-sex couples can marry like other Australians can?

War on drugs: Will you change law and policy so drugs become a health issue more than a criminal issue?

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