Mike Bolan
Recently violent attacks were reported against forest protesters, in one a car allegedly smashed with sledge hammers and the occupant forcibly dragged out and kicked in the head. After this event, Bob Gordon, head of Forestry Tasmania was reported as laying the blame for the attack on the victims, the forest protesters.  After Mr Gordon had apparently given his tacit approval to the violence, justifying it as being ‘provoked’, another night time attack was carried out in which the forest camp of the protesters was firebombed and burned out. After this attack the Premier, Mr Bartlett, was reported as blaming the protesters and again suggesting that it was the predictable result of provocation. We should all be deeply concerned that our government and our systems of government can appear to give such favouritism to one industry. Worse, they appear to be justifying illegal acts of violence and property damage with claims of provocation. Read more, Comment here