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Today (last week) a random hire car drove up our 1km long driveway, pulled up, and its driver proceeded to take photographs of our house. The first my partner, busy inside, knew about it was our dog barking incessantly.

My partner stepped outside to see what had upset the dog and was confronted by a male stranger taking photographs of the dwelling and surrounds.

Imagine for a moment that you have left the workplace because of the damage done by a very nasty bullying and bastardisation experience following an injury in your former, public service, workplace.

Damage that included finding out that private investigators had been snooping around your property and private life on behalf of insurers and your employer. Now imagine you have recently also had an accident with a log truck on a blind corner that resulted in a written-off vehicle, and an early morning snooping fly-by from a helicopter that came via the coupe the truck was operating from.

Imagine the insurance issues from that accident are ongoing.

Now imagine you walk outside at your rural property miles from help and with no-one else present to find someone you do not know taking photos of your house.

You might now have some understanding of how my partner experienced this event. How damaging this latest invasion of privacy is remains to be seen, but right now I have an extremely angry and very frightened partner. How long she remains like that is yet to be seen, but it constitutes a regression of her 2 year-long recovery and that makes me absolutely bloody furious. Never mind any other issues about invasion of privacy and what I think about that.

No attempt to seek permission, introduce himself, or otherwise justify his presence was made before he got his camera out. He repeated exactly the same pig-ignorant action of just driving to the house and taking photographs the day before at the property owned by my employers. He got a very blunt response from the lady of that house.

The guy driving the car claims his name is Jackie …, he claims that he works for Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment, and he claims to have been doing property valuations.

For all we know his ID could be forged and he could be casing rural properties in the neighbourhood for future criminal activity. Such cynicism is entirely justified, given the “be paranoid about crime”
meme endlessly promoted by our government.

‘Jackie’ claimed that we should have known about his presence from an advertisement in the local paper. That paper is not delivered on our mail route, its meagre content does not justify its cost, and the presence of an advertisement anywhere does not in any way excuse the pig-ignorant act of failing to announce ones presence at the end of a 1 km long driveway on private property.

About now the appropriate response would be an apology from the minister responsible for this twit’s presence on my property, following the departmental secretary delivering a size 12 boot to the backside of ‘Jackie’, and anyone associated with his engagement, followed then by a lesson what constitutes common courtesy.

Either that or a very public announcement that a scam artist is circulating on the NW Coast, casing rural properties for future criminal activity.

I look forward to the minister’s prompt, and very public response.

To Roger Jaensch (Liberal MP) ...


You know all the gory details about what happened to my partner. You thus have some idea about how absolutely disgusted and very pissed off I am feeling about now. I suggest in the strongest possible terms that you get hold of the minister and represent those feelings to him.

To Ruth Forest (Independent MLC) ...


We need to meet and discuss what has happened since we last discussed the matter of my partners treatment in her public service workplace.
It is an case study in systemic failure.

*Simon Warriner is a fifty something bloke who is absolutely sick of wading through the crap produced by idiots whose manners, intelligence and commonsense are either lacking or non existent, either through an overblown sense of entitlement or psychological defect. He has retreated from the world of idiots and now enjoys making a living on a dairy farm where the bullshit actually produces something useful and washes off at the end of the day. He lives somewhere between the NW Coast and the Tarkine, in a location the residents sometimes refer to as “banjo country”.

• Simon Warriner in Comments: … Good luck with that, Jackie. Hope you insured that rental car. It is up to Roger Jaensch as my elected representative to do his job and find out for us. He has stated in a return email that he is seeking answers. What he comes up with will be revealing, on several levels.

• Ian M in Comments: @Simon #11, “The car was a rental, E 16 QM, white, late model, but make not recorded.” If interested, see: HERE Renault H45 Koleos Phase III.