The government wants to send Centrelink officers into the homes of the poor to make sure they are not sleeping together and claiming some modest sum as a single.

Well that is going push this unfortunate country just a little further down the hateful path of inegalitarianism or should we just say, unaustralianizatism!

Conversely jonny loves to throw money at large corporations and even small capitalists.

Just look at his fanfare of money on environmental causes of late.  (Largely to mitigate his hysterical, anti-global warming approach prior to the release of the Stern report.)

In Benalla, a timber company graciously received a few hundred thousand dollars after a fire burned the place to a cinder.  Strange, a functional business should bolster the Insurance Industry and a pay their premiums, like all the rest of us, rather than expecting the poor taxpayers to deliver them out of the red.

A brewery in Bright received a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  Do we really need any more beer in this country and why should, yet again, the taxpayer fund this.

A dairy in Corryong got some money from jonny too.  Yes, the taxpayer provided yet again.  Taxpayer benevolence examples like, Beaconsfield must cross Tasmania too!!

But for those on CentreLink Benefits, better said as Centerelink Deficits, just watch out, the ugly face of a bureaucrat may appear above your bed.

The thought of jonny at your bedside is enough to make everyone single!!

Josephine Zananiri

Our inconvenient little prime minister loves to rob the poor and provide for the rich.