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Chairman of the PAC fox inquiry, Jim Wilkinson is a lawyer by profession.

He is quoted in the Mercury of 25 December saying: “Anyone out there who thinks that fox scats are being planted out there for eradication officers to come and find them is living in fairy land”.

Mr Wilkinson, it is a serious omission that you did not subpoena the individuals who could have told your Committee precisely how that ‘fairy land’ scenario was operating.

The PAC Committee failed to even critically examine the means whereby the ~40 DNA-fox positive scats were actually recovered. In my assessment this was a sufficient ‘smoking gun’ that scepticism about the provence of these scats was warranted. Regettably it appears that the PAC dod not want to hear that testimony.

On the 23 December 2009, the manager of the FEP (Alan Johnston) told The Examiner that over 600 fox scats had been imported into Tasmania BY THE FOX ERADICATION PROGRAM.

Mr Wilkinson, how many of the ~40 fox scats found in Tasmania were found by FEP or DPIWE officers?

Mr Willkinson, on how many instances had FEP officers ‘inspected’ sites to be surveilled by fox-scat detector dogs before they deployed these dog & handler teams to retrieve these said scats?

Basic questions I would submit Mr Wilkinson that perhaps a defense lawyer defending a client might wish to test the prosecution’s case.

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