Hell, I can only take so much of thinking about this because it really pisses me off – let’s even limit the discussion to this year.

Firstly – when Gunns seemed under threat of having to put forward an adequate impact statement for the RPDC, what did John Gay say? Words to the effect of “well if Tasmania is going to treat us like this then I’m going to take my lovely pulp mill and build it in Victoria”.

What happened? Big Red gets on the blower and soothes the savage beast, “come on John, mate, it’ll be fine mate, come on mate, mate, maaaaate, Tassie mate, Tassie. Maaaaaaate.”

Then of course there’s the leading contender for dummy-spit of the year.

“We’ve done everything. Everything. And you don’t even care. Fuck you RPDC. Fuck you. You’re bastards. No good nasty bastards. Fuck you. I’m going to tell Paul all about you.”

And of course, this led to the classic, “We’ve waited and waited but we just can’t wait no more. Why is everyone making this so hard. We’ve done the best that anyone in the world…in Australia….in Tassie…..um….in our postcode could do and now you’re just picking on us. If the pulp mill isn’t being built by September first, every single Tasmanian is going to be unemployed and broke, every timber worker will starve and have to watch their family die, AND we’ll lose billions of dollars a day.”

To which the Malcolm Turnbull eventually and reluctantly replied, “yeah, mate, um nothing before October, k?”

Rather than the total implosion of all physical and economic reality in Tasmania, this led to – wait for it – “yeah, k.”

And now, John Gay has just unleashed his brat-baby-sook-whinge-tantrum demon again. Only this time I am actually going to quote directly from an article by John Lyons in The Australian – where he reports the following comments from Gay:

“In 20 years’ time, if there’s a pulp mill Gunns will be a totally plantation-based pulp mill; if there is no pulp mill, therefore, forestry will become a dead industry in the sense that it won’t expand, it will probably shrink.

“It will then depend on the government driving the forestry side of it. It will mainly be driven by native instead of plantation.”

No, it’s okay. Just breathe – you aren’t actually experiencing the early symptoms of head trauma. What you are feeling is utterly gobsmacked by the implications of John Gay’s latest bit of manipulation.

He is launching what will no doubt be the leading edge of the lobby-douchebags from this day forward: Supporting the pulp mill is the best way to end native (and therefore old growth) forest logging in Tassie, AND if the mill don’t get built, then the old growth gonna die.

Hear that Tamarites? Greens? Doctors? Lawyers? 90% of Australia? The pulp mill is the best hope for Tassie’s high conservation value forests, and if it gets blocked because of you activists and your hatred for future generations then it’s going to be all your fault when the trees are gone.

It is for moments such as this that dictionary language just won’t suffice, and I must resort to more custom-built terminology…such as FUCKTARD!!!

When are Mothers Howard and Lennon going to rip this 300 pound Veruca Salt off the national tit?

Maybe sometime after they’ve dismissed Johnny and The Dioxin Factory as a painfully badly structured piece of fiction with a thoroughly precocious protagonist bent on nothing so much as getting his own way.

“Don’t care how; I want it NOW!”

typingisnotactivism Well then – I’m going to take my pulp mill and go straight home! Poncey sulks and the new Green propaganda

THIS will not be a long and detailed analysis, this doesn’t proffer intriguing new interview insights, this is simply a short piece to draw attention to a tendency gone too far and a future newly mapped.

EVEN if we don’t consider Gunns’ action of directly trying to target 20 … 15 … 14 protesters with massive financial penalties, and even if we don’t go digging into the murky background of the decision to chase the Weld Angel for buck$ — even if we just consider John Gay’s pulp and whinery projects (not a typo, btw) then there is an alarming tendency to tantrum on the part of Tasmania’s biggest splinter-maker.