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A respected business leader and one time adivser to three US Presidents, Jack Welch, said that the quality he most respected and admired in other leaders, was persistence.  He would have loved Rick Pilkington!  Rick has been relentless in his pursuit of those he sees demonstrating, by action and words, venality, absurdity, hypocrisy and just sheer, unadulterated stupidity.  His focused, ferocious fusillades (levelled in this case at the CFMEU’s Scott McLean, left) would normally be expected to inflict a degree of damage to professional reputations. However, I doubt that it does because there is so much inertia in the “business system”, in the way unions interact with government, bureaucracy and business leaders in Tasmania, that McLean would probably not see the incredible irony of a union leader acting as an apologist for Gunns for sacking workers in his own Union!  Come the revolution———? Go Rick ! This comment appears on this article HERE. Comment HERE