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FRESH evidence foxes are living in the North-West has been found.

One scat collected during the Department of Environment’s “great poo hunt” has tested positive for fox DNA.

The confirmed fox scat was picked up east of Forth, two kilometres south of Lillico Beach where a fox carcass was found in 2006.

Craig Williams, of the Fox Eradication Program, said the scat was found in “core fox habitat”.

“That’s still showing a low-density fox colony,” he said.

But critics of the Fox Eradication Program have dismissed the find.

Veterinarian David Obendorf said one fox scat did not prove the existence of foxes in the state, much less a colony.

“Unless you can demonstrate habitation in a certain area that will always be questionable evidence,” Dr Obendorf said.

If foxes were living in the area, there would be multiple scats, he said.

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