Dr David Obendorf
There is science and there is spin. There is now a mounting dossier of serious corruptions and misjudgements of the existing fox incidents; there are serious flaws in the reliability of the storylines offered by DPIW officials; there is falsification of critical witness testimony and there has been serious manipulation of physical evidence that is relied upon for ongoing resources for fox control in Tasmania. Add to this the somewhat ‘ad hoc’ approach taken to a so-called eradication program and years of dismissing any volunteer and experienced assistance from a wide range of individuals.  The stench that really questioned the motivation of this fox program was Llewellyn’s constant reiteration of a recent covert smuggling agenda to import, rear and release fox cubs in four Tasmanian locations. Sensational? Very much so; plausible? maybe….but the difficulty was there was no sustaining evidence despite the media ho-ha, a state reward of $50,000 and a Tasmania Police inquiry based on the hear-say rumours DPIW presented to the Minister. Foxes are DEFINITELY unwanted animals in the Tasmanian ecology but they should not be used politically as WMDs - Weapons of Mass Deception. The Tasmanian Times $1000 fox reward still stands and remains unclaimed after several years.  Read more, Comment here