Image for Foxes: Fantastic feral evaders

Tasmania’s foxes are truly extraordinary feral creatures.

According to our public officials they are have been categorically seen on many thousands of occasions throughout the island state over the last decade; at least two were victims trying to cross a Tasmanian road; at least 15 foxes (both males and females) have defaecated (once only) from sites at Boat Harbour to Gladstone, from Conara to Cygnet and to date they haven’t taken to eating Tasmanian pademelon or Tasmanian bettong.

In addition two hunters have killed a Tasmanian fox -  Eric Bosworth in 2001 and an unidentified rabbit shooter in 2005 - according to DPIPWE he dumped his dead fox on the Bass highway at Lillico so that it would be ‘noticed’ by passing motorists.

And yesterday, another example of our extraordinary foxes - DPIPWE went public on an intact fox skull apparently found at Interlaken on the central plateau by an ‘unidentified member of the public’ more that 12 months ago: Pictured above; Story, HERE

Tasmania’s foxes are fantastic feral evaders. They’ve escaped over 100 cameras trap and apparently they continue to exist in locations where tens of thousands of buried 1080-meat baits have repeatedly been distributed to kill them. Trained dogs can readily find their faeces (over 40 so far) but have yet to find where these foxes live and reproduce.

For the last decade Tasmania’s Fox Eradication Taskforce have attempted to ‘eradicate’ these elusive foxes from across the island without having any legal power to enter, inspect and carry out fox baiting on all Tasmanian properties.

What is going on?

Meanwhile, Farmers call for all-out fox eradication HERE