Dave Groves, HERE

The real story behind the Middleton fox saga has nothing to do with foxes, quelle surprise!  It’s about how the Mercury found out about the ‘possible fox attack’.

The Cawthorns apparently reported the missing chooks & feathers to the Fox Taskforce ONLY, NOT the media & were more than a little miffed when the Mercury reporter & photographer turned up at 9:30PM.  The Cawthorns told the Mercury reporter that there was No story & to go away, in no uncertain words.

If the Cawthorns didn’t alert the media, who did?  It seems that the information could only have come from the Fox Taskforce.

I’m not a lawyer but this seems like a breach of privacy laws by a government department.  This breach of privacy has resulted in the Cawthorns being publicly ridiculed through the media & they should have a lawyer to sue the arse off the government.  Maybe the Cawthorns will sue as they are said to be VERY pissed off!

How does the Fox Taskforce expect other people to report possible fox activity in the future if their personal details are passed to the media & they are then subjected to ridicule?  These people were only doing what a Government department has spent 10’s of millions of dollars telling everyone they should do when confronted with such a situation as this; where chooks have been taken by an animal.

It’s a serious breach of privacy by a government department if the Fox Taskforce was responsible.