On Thursday 28 May [yesterday], the Manager of the Tasmanian Government’s Fox Eradication Program issued a memo, which also became accessible to the ABC - indicating that 15 contract staff positions to support the FEP field activities would not be renewed. The Liberal Opposition believe up to 20 positions funded under the FEP are not being renewed.

According to a quote from Tasmanian Minister for Foxes, David Llewellyn in today’s Mercury: “The positions in the first instance will be subject to the Government’s vacancy referral process, which allows for suitably qualified permanent public servants to apply.”

Perhaps Treasurer Michael Aird’s budget speech in a few weeks time will announce the extent of job losses across the Tasmanian Public Service and announce some new career opportunities for ‘suitably qualified permanent public servants’ within the changed fox eradication program. 

The $56 million Fox Eradication Taskforce aims to eradicate foxes over an anticipated 10 years. This ambitious proposal was set out in late 2006 with a proposal that $2.8 million dollars be provided - each year - from both the Tasmanian and Commonwealth Governments.


THE State Government’s controversial fox taskforce looks set to eradicate up to 20 staff members. The Opposition claims the Government has not renewed the officers’ contracts. Read more here


TASMANIA’S Liberal Opposition claims that the State Government is about to sack 20 fox task force field officers. The Liberal spokesman for Primary Industries, Rene Hidding, said the staff would make way for people with no experience in fox eradication from the doomed Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts. Read more here


After months in limbo, a Joint Parliamentary Public Accounts Inquiry into the effectiveness & efficiency of the Tasmanian Fox Eradication Program finally commenced hearings on Monday 25 May 2009. Those interested may wish to access the Terms of Reference and hopefully, in due course, read the transcripts of evidence on the Parliament of Tasmania website under ‘Committees’.