I’m confused again! How does a fox leave a tiny speck of its blood on a strand of wire? 

Going on last night’s ABC TV News report — a strand of wire was deliberately used to try and catch a hair sample from a suspicious animal molesting some backyard chooks.  No hair but that blood was confirmed be from a fox.  What happened to the use of those hi-tech cameras, sand traps or even low-tech adhesive tape used in hair traps?

We’ll have to wait and see if the fox in the vicinity of Old Beach is captured on camera, sighted, shot or found dead beside the East Derwent Highway. 

It’s now several months since the last fox CSI incident at Lillico — a young fox flattened into the asphalt — but we haven’t had any corroboration on the scats reported as collected at this site subsequently. That incident went public during a State Election; this latest incident — a day shy of the State Budget and after a backdrop of media stories on the scaling down of the Fox Free Taskforce. The Mercury snippet on 10 June was complete with fabricated statements attributed to Tasmanian Conservation Trust Director, Craig Woodfield. What is going on here? 

According to yesterday’s The Mercury ‘last night biological material had been collected from the scene if the livestock incident and sent interstate for testing, with results expected to be known today’. And they duly were! But by very reliable accounts the DNA evidence on this Old Beach incident was known to DPIWE days ago!

Minister for Tasmania’s Quarantine & Biosecurity, David Llewellyn commented that the latest fox confirmation should silence the sceptics ‘who don’t believe there are foxes in Tasmania’. As Craig Woodfield noted in the TCT press release yesterday, the public mistrust comes from the bureaucratic mis-management of this matter.

We really do need to correct some mistruths in Tasmania’s fox history. When frozen fox carcasses can enter Tasmania to set up a series of elaborate hoaxes and when live foxes can arrive on Bass Strait cargo ships and in freight containers, maybe the Minister for Quarantine & Biosecurity needs to determine who is responsible for allowing the importation of these unwanted foxes.

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